• Solar Panel
    800MW Solar module equiped with advanced automatic production line,rich experience in manufacturing and OEM for Tier 1 brands,major internationl cerfitcation covered.

    Solar Cell
    Since 2008, installed 400MW solar cell production with experiencesd and advanced production line.In 2017 5bb solar cells are in massive production.
    Solar System
    For residential, commercial and utility grade solar system, offer system design, equipment procurement and cooperate with top EPC company to fulfill your solar dream.

    Welcome to HISUNAGE
    Our Company
    Hisunage is mainly engaged in the PV cells、PV modules and photovoltaic system. Our products with full certificates are widely applied into front-end fields, for instance,commercial, household and industrial off-grid and grid-connection solar power generation system m etc .

       Sunpro Power GmbH
       Mergenthalerallee 73-75,65760 Eschborn, Germany