• Home Solar Panels – A Smart Investment For The Future
    Energy prices are rising and household budgets are getting tighter every year. An investment
    in solar technology will create an income for your family and reduce your bills for the next 25
    years…at least!

    Save money with solar

    Solar panel costs have decreased greatly during the last few years, a installation that
    previously cost $15,000 can now be delivered for $5,000 or less due to
    advancesin technology, increases in demand and competition in the market.
    Solar has never been more affordable and the return on investment is significant
    for even the smallest system.

    Each customer earns money through something called the Feed In Tariff.
    It is an agreement that guarantees you a fee for twenty years.
    Once your panels are installed they start generating electricity,
    that electricity generates money, that money is paid to you in tax free
    instalments throughout the year

    Fight back against the constantly raising energy prices.

    Six reasons to install solar panels

    1.Save money – Reduce your energy bills
    2.High Reliability & Low Maintenance – 25 year warranty!
    3.Energy independence – Protect your family if there is a
     shortage of energy. Rely on the sun, not just the energy companies.
    4.Reduce your CO2 emissions.
    5.Make money – Sell back your unused electricity to the grid.

    Install a solar system, and from the initial estimate to a full system design,
    installation and handover,you can rest assured that you are in trustworthy,
    safe hands with Hisunage
       Sunpro Power GmbH
       Mergenthalerallee 73-75,65760 Eschborn, Germany