Building To Benefit

    Energy consumption is a major cost to most companies.
    While many businesses give a lot of thought to efficiency savings within their internal processes
    they often miss the huge opportunity of focusing on their operational costs.

    Significantly reducing energy overheads is the equivalent of increasing sales,
    and can often be subsidised or paid for over a long period of time making it one of the easiest ways to increase your company profits.

    At  HISUNAGE we are committed to saving you money through the implementation and use of energy saving technologies.
    Doing this allows your business to reduce energy usage, lower costs and increase your profit margins.

    Benefits of solar panels for business

    • Generate cheap, green electricity from sunlight
    • Reduce your energy bills. Sunlight will always be free,
      so once installation has been paid for your electricity
      costs will be significantly reduced.
    • Sell your electricity. If you produce more than you use, you can sell
      the surplus back to the grid. The governments Feed-in Tariff
      scheme pays your company for the electricity that you generate.
    • Improve your green credentials. Increasingly a companies carbon
      footprint is taken into account when awarding contracts. Solar panels
      show a commitment to renewable energy and reducing carbon
      dioxide emissions.
    • Create Energy Independence.
      You can help to reduce domestic dependence on foreign energy.
    • Fight back against rising prices of the traditional energy.
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