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    Sunpro Power GmbH is a high-tech enterprise taking photovoltaic R&D and manufacturing as its core industry. Our company is mainly engaged in the PV cells、PV modules and the design、development、production and sales of photovoltaic system. Our products are widely applied into front-end fields, for instance,commercial, household and industrial off-grid and grid-connection solar power generation system as well as photovoltaic power station etc .

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    Embrace Solar Future

    Solar is the most reliable and abundant renewable energy source for all kinds of applications like residential, commercial and utilities. HISUNAGE believe solar is the future of energy, and the sun belongs to each one of us, we would like to be your bridge connecting you and the sun, we focus on the quality and reachable price of solar products, we believe everyone can embrace the solar future.

    HISUNAGE takes all parts in the Downstream solar value chain, including manufacturing of solar cell and solar module, and group company Furui Energy now engaged in solar system development and investment




       Sunpro Power GmbH
       Mergenthalerallee 73-75,65760 Eschborn, Germany